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Frequently Asked Questions

What is So. Maryland, So Good? The So. Maryland, So Good program is designed to keep farming vibrant and growing in Southern Maryland. When you buy local, you support local farm families and help preserve the rural character and beauty of our community.

So. Maryland, So Good links buyers with farmers from the five Southern Maryland counties (Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s). Through public outreach, creative advertising, and contact facilitation, So. Maryland, So Goodmakes it easy to find products and helps farms increase their livelihood.

Why should I buy local? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Buying local is a great idea because:

• you get fresher and healthier products 
• you get better tasting foods 
• you support an economy near your home, rather than one thousands of miles away 
• you support our rich agricultural heritage and beauty

Did you know if every household in the five Southern Maryland counties purchased just $8.00 of locally grown farm products for 12 weeks, over $54 million would be invested back into our local farms and economy?

Buying local is a great idea!

How do I find out where local farm products and services are offered? Local products are offered at farmers' markets, farm stands, and from the farms themselves. If you buy from a roadside stand or farmers' market, be sure to ask if the products are grown locally. Download the Southern Maryland Farm Guide for a list of individual farms.

How do I find out what's in season? Check the Availability chart.

What products are available besides vegetables and fruit? There are many ways to support local farming besides purchasing local produce. Think local when you buy fish and other seafood. Or, consider local products like fresh Christmas trees, landscaping plants, sod, hay, etc. And many farms offer fun activities like hay rides and pick-your-own plots.

I am looking for a gift. How can I incorporate local products into my gift giving strategy? Home-made, or home-grown packaged goods like honey, jams, wine, etc. make great gifts. How about making up a gift basket with local fruit instead of ordering a pre-made one. Or, consider a gift certificate for a day of fun at a corn maze or petting zoo.

I own a market/grocery store/restaurant. How can the So. Maryland, So Good program help me? First, if you're not already featuring local products, the Southern Maryland Farm Guide can help you find farms in your area to act as suppliers. Next, the So. Maryland, So Good marketing materials can help you tell your customers that you buy local. And third, the extensive So. Maryland, So Good advertising campaign will encourage local consumers to seek out businesses that support local farming.

I own a market/grocery store/restaurant. How can I find local farms that offer wholesale products? Search the Southern Maryland Farm Guide for wholesalers in your area, or call for more information.

I own a market/grocery store/restaurant. How do I become a part ofSo. Maryland, So Good? You can call us for an appointment, or visit the SMADC website for complete information on joining SMSG.

I own a farm. How can the So. Maryland, So Good program help me? First, the So. Maryland, So Good advertising campaign encourages local consumers to support farming in their community. Also, if you enter your farm in the Farm Directory database, customers can see at a glance what you have to offer, as well as directions to your farm, etc.

I own a farm. How do I become a part of So. Maryland, So Good? You can call us for an appointment, or visit the SMADC website for complete information on joining SMSG.

How much does it cost? If you own a farm, market, restaurant, etc., you can be included in the Southern Maryland Farm Guide Free. If you would like to purchase marketing materials (banners, table signs, etc.) to advertise to your customers that you support local farming, there is a nominal charge to cover costs of these materials. visit the SMADC website for complete information.

How can I advertise in SMSG publications and on the website? The SMADC website has complete information on how to advertise with SMADC. You do not have to be a farm-related business or be listed in the directory to purchase an ad!